When a mystery game meets the game style of the Walking Dead Game,  meets Home, with a dash of To the Moon, you get the one and only Post-mortem: One must Die by Unbound Creations LLC .

Postmortem is a short exploratory/point and click type adventure game taking place in a  industrial-age country of Galicia, You play as an “Agent of death”, with the objective of solving the mystery. By exploring the rooms, communicating with patrons, and uncovering clues, you will learn about the world and the characters, revealing how their deaths might (or might not!) influence the country.

When asked about the inspiration to creates the game , Lead Designer and programmer, Jakub “Koobazaur” said :

I am a travelling Cinematographer, Game Programmer and Web Developer currently living in Los Angeles. Aside from hobby game programming since me tweens, I have worked for two years at a small indie studio that published two titles for PCs and consoles. I also have a Masters in Comparative Ethnic Conflict which, as you can see, inspired much of the setting for the game. I started writing first design docs and coding during my year pursuing a Masters Degree in North Ireland (2011), studying about ethnic and ideological conflicts such as the Troubles or Palestine and Isreal. I reached and announced the first complete Alpha Prototype in January 2013, beginning active development and recruiting my team.


  • Freeform exploration with rich dialogue
  • Meaningful choices with consequences / Online stats to compare choices with others
  • Amazing graphical feel


  • No cons to be found here , try searching elsewhere ;)

The Final Verdict :

A great narrative adventure game, with rich dialogue and meaningful choices in a complex setting

Final Score :  9.5/10


Post-mortem: One must Die (Extended Cut )  is currently available on steam for $6.99.

However  the developer also has a free version (with out content from the extended cut, such as extra characters and bonus materials) free on the games website, I highly recommend paying the few dollars for the extra content, as it’s well worth it :)

Also for those who bought the Groupees : Bundle of the Damned 2, Steam keys are now available for the game on the groupees page .