Streamer of the Year 2015 (All of Twitch)

Rize Up Gaming has a yearly tradition: A company vote is held to select two streamers for Streamer of the Year – one for Main Channel and another for Off-Channel (personal). The Off-Channel SotY selection for 2015 went to FarringtonEmpire, a dapper gentleman with a friendly bird-bot, and a glorious raid response to boot. Known […]

Streamer of the Year 2015 (Main Channel): Akyllah

One tradition that remains a staple in the RizeUp family is our annual vote for the Streamer of the Year, which comes in two categories: Main Channel streamer and Off Channel stream. To her own surprise, Akyllah (RU’s resident tea enthusiast) not only won a spot in the nominations for Main Channel stream, but ended […]